OPENING: The Galette upgraded bread into art and turned it into a pure scandal!

If The Galette was around during the French Revolution, perhaps Marie Antoinette would not need to suggest cake to the people and - who knows - she even might had saved her head. Unfortunately for her, but fortunately for us, The Galette opened in Limassol in the summer of 2016 to turn a basic daily supply into haute cuisine, aiming to highlight the special character of bread, through its simplicity, spread the delight and prove that Limassolians know about quality.

So, the neighborhood oven, became a worldwide artisan bakery, where bread - making traditions of the world meet. Special breads, savory and sweet nibbles from Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, the USA, Mexico and many other countries, come out of a special oven of The Galette fresh every single day, spreading their aroma around in one of the most central points of the city.

The master baker and the dedicated team of The Galette' s associates prove daily that knowledge, skill, attention to detail and imaginative, creative ideas constitute the recipe for success, a palatable success that can be enjoyed by the entire city. Thus, the well-known passage on the seafront avenue, at the height of the car park at the pier, became a favorite stop for those who love to walk along the area, but also those directed to and from work.

In the same enthusiastic and creative spirit, along with the design team of the HUB, which takes care of the image of that particular venue, from the logo to the furniture and interior design, The Galette is getting ready in mid-March to open a new store in Aneksasrtisias street. Keep eyes open, then, if looking for fine taste, flavor and authentic traditional recipes, and follow the aromas of the bread.

The Galette Artisan Bakery is located in 33, Spyrou Araouzou street.
Contact number: 25 100 815

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