Chimney cakes: The tasty, tube-shaped cakes, baked on a rotisserie in Limassol!

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It is – if not the most – one of the most special cakes you can find in Limassol. From the way it is baked, to its shape and flavour, as well as the numerous taste combinations you can try it in, the chimney cake is a delicacy both tasty and fun.

It is a unique culinary option, brought in Limassol by Oliver, a young, artisan chef coming from Hungary. The uniqueness of this cakes is obvious even in the baking process, since it is cooked on a rotating cylinder (resembling to a meat rotisserie). The result is a light and soft roll, with a beautiful crust on the outside, which can be a great choice for a snack or a dessert.

The chimney cake has several different versions, both sweet and savory. Oliver likes to experiment with it, so you can find it in the restaurant with chocolate, sugar and cinnamon or even apple flavour, or, alternatively, with cheese or turned into a sandwich or a hot – dog. In either version, of course, it is still an interesting option, which will enrich your culinary experiences in the city.

Oliver’s kitchen is a new opening for Limassol and you can check it out here.