OPENING: An alternative and surprising restaurant, in Limassol city center!

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It sure is not the restaurant you would expect to find in Limassol’s historical city center. It is, though, a restaurant with the proportions and the familiar profile of a traditional neighborhood, which also brings flavors from far, far away on your table. Promising to provide quality food, homemade care and recipes you can only find there, it certainly deserves a try.

After all, you are in a city with many different cultures, lots of imagination and creativity, so you have to expect everything. Oliver’s Kitchen is the contribution of a Hungarian chef to the culinary experiences Limassol has to offer. Uniting Cypriot products and taste combinations or techniques from central Europe’s cuisine, he has created a unique menu, for every hour of the day, from breakfast to dinner.

Every Monday, you will find the menu of the week, until Saturday, to choose your kind of breakfast, lunch, snack of the day or lunch. The delicious flavors of the Hungarian cuisine, such as rich soups and homemade, aromatic sausages, are the honorary dishes. 

But a reference point in this menu are the chimney cakes, baked in a roll, resulting to a shape similar to their name. You can try them in their traditional version, plain, or with modern stuffing options. As for the rest of the menu, with options from sandwiches in homemade ciabatta bread, to schnitzel, as well as vegetarian options, it is rather unlikely to leave you wanting more.

Address: 10, Ellados Street (corner with Agiou Andreou)
Contact number: 25 007 577