Blue House - Euphoria Land (Pyrgos)

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A place destined to take you kilometres away though a mental trip, the Blue House is one of the units designed and created literally by hand, at the Euphoria Art Land complex in Pyrgos, Limassol. It is a house that seems to have jumped straight out of a dream, during your deepest sleep, or from the narrations of exotic tales.

Each corner is a unique piece of art, being both a decorative element and a functional part of the household. From the bathroom to the living room and the bedroom, this house has been designed according to the inspiration provided by journeys in Morocco and India, with colourful mosaics all over its walls and floors.

On the first floor, there is a double bed and side tables that are decorated with images of the Indian female beauty. The bathroom is just as beautiful as the rest of the areas of this place, providing towels and bath products to its guests. The house is equipped with a refrigerator and air conditioner, while it allows access to Wi – Fi and a laptop friendly workspace.

There is a beautiful balcony covered with mosaics that leads to the small roof garden. Watching the sun rising overlooking the gardens will give the guest a mysterious sensation.

More information about the location and options provided at Euphoria Art Land are found here.