Euphoria Art Land

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Near the village of Pyrgos in Limassol, a wonderful accommodation straight out of a fairy taleis located . Euphoria Art Land (Arts and Culture Center) has a lot to offer to the lovers of art, as well as alternative accommodation.

A one-of-a-kind accommodation in the middle of nature, consists of three houses offered for adults only. These houses have been built based on organic and bioclimatic architecture, using recyclable materials and ethnic elements, such as thousands of mosaics, inspired by various cultures.

The combination of the special architecture along with the sounds of birds and the exotic scents of aromatic plants, make the stay a therapeutic journey to exotic worlds.

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Apart from accommodation, Euphoria aims towards the artistic sustainable development of Culture and the Arts in Cyprus, which is why they often host events such as seminars, artistic and musical evenings, Yoga and Wellness days, as well as visits from schools and universities that are involved with creative work.

Address: Vasilikon 76, Pyrgos, Limassol
Contact Number: 97 743042