Euphoria Art Land

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Dreams can come true, when you believe enough in them and want to recreate the exact thing that your imagination has conjured. Euphoria Art Land, a new, one-of-a-kind place created in Limassol, which brings to life the life-long dream of Anthos Myrianthous, proves this.

In Pyrgos, Limassol, this creative man was inspired to create Euphoria Art Land, with the help of several volunteers who love art. It is a true wonderland, where the works of art are actual homes which you can explore and even stay in with friends. Reminiscent of the unique creations of Gaudi in Barcelona, these houses were designed and built according to organic and bioclimatic architecture, using recycled materials, such as scrap ceramics and glass. In this way, a space that was supposed to have been turned into a garbage dump, was instead transformed into a colorful oasis, overflowing with art and greenery.

The visitors of this space can discover its unique beauties with a tour around all of its facilities, enjoying a Sunday in this serene, natural environment. The tours are taking place from early in the morning, until late at night, and they include the magical gardens, the dreamy alleys, the unique cottages as well as the open-air event area. During the tour, the visitors will find out about the philosophy of the project, the nature, the aquatic plants, as well as the black and white swans and the peacocks that live in the garden.

swipe gallery

A taste from the tours around Euphoria Art Land.

The 3 houses of Euphoria Art Land are decorated with elements from the various cultures their creator had encountered while on his travels around the world, from Ethiopia to Mexico and India to Colombia. The accomodation thus acts as a journey to exotic and dreamy locales. At the same time, besides being comfortable and welcoming, the houses are also particularly cool in the summer and warm in the winter, both due to their shape and the insulating materials with which they were constructed. Apart from being an accommodation option, this project, which began 6 years ago, aims to create a collaborative space for people who love art, no matter where they are from. 

As this is an adults – only accommodation, the space offers seminars and workshops for younger visitors, with the aim of inspiring them to believe in their creative talents and make their own dreams come true. 

Contact number: 97 743 042