A dish with duck changes the brunch experience in Limassol!

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It is no coincidence that brunch ha become the favorite meal of those who have tasted it. It offers the delicious options of a lunch, combined with the diversity of the breakfast dishes. The ones that enjoy it the most, though, seem to be the chefs themselves, who get inspired to constantly create something new. The latest trend for brunching in Limassol, introduces duck on a waffle. 

It is a unique delicacy, which combines crispy duck, with its special flavor, over a savory, fluffy waffle. The dish is accompanied by a fried egg (a must for any brunch) and honey with mustard sauce. The duck waffle is a signature dish by the chef of Columbia Beach Bar, a venue that has become a trending destination for any hour of the day and any season. 

The brunch menu at Columbia Beach Bar has many more surprises. Among its most unique options are kayana eggs, with tomato sauce and feta cheese, smoked paprika and toasted multi-grain bread, as well as the tortilla espagnola. Of course, classic options, like pies (with chicken, pumpkin, spinach and cheese), pancakes, sandwiches and all kinds of eggs, are also on the menu.

The menu is available daily 9:00 — 13:00.

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