Zucchini balls with watermelon: The ultimate combination by the Limassol sea!

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It sounds simple and it is. It sounds controversial, but it is anything but that. It is actually one of the most popular summer meze dishes out there and it is a unique delight, especially when having it by the Limassol sea. 

First you have the urge to try, because it is a zucchini ball, fluffy, freshly fried, juicy in the inside and crunch on the outside and - undoubtedly – it is hard not to like it. With rich flavor from Mediterranean herbs, it actually becomes even more delicious thanks to the yogurt and mint olive oil sauce. And then you decide to take some watermelon with your bite and you are eternally convinced that this is how you should eat this summer fruit from now on.

Savory and sweet are combined perfectly and the flavor of the zucchini ball is all that has been missing from this bond all this time. Bistrot 55 Summer Edition, where we tried it, represents the idea that simple and familiar flavors, the ones we know from mom's kitchen, are the geatest hits. With a modern twist and imaginative combinations, these flavors can lift you up. And somehow, this refreshing, vegetarian meze, becomes a favorite to everyone. 

*Extra tip: It is such a ligh, but also fulfilling, dish that it can even be a quick bite when you are at the beach.