Zalakas nature trail (Trimiklini)

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The Nature Trail “Zalakas” in Trimiklini Village , is circular, 8.7 km long, on an altitude of 550 — 730 meters and timed for a 2 hour walk. The starting point is between the old Church and public parking in the village center and very close to the main road of Limassol – Platres.

The Nature trail follows a course with signing from the center of the Community, crosses the main road and passes 300 meters through the traditional historical village core to the northeast side of the village which ends at the beginning of the rural road, where there is a sign with map for the direction of the path, resting place and a fountain with drinking water. At the route through the core of the village, the old water deposit is found, built before the 1900s. Right after, you can see the old water springs, built with local stones.

The walker follows a circular path direction from the northeast to the southwest points of the community, who initially leads to the main road of Limassol - Platres, south to the community and continues north, through various plantations with a rural road and a footpath to the old aqueduct of Zenonas and from there to the southern parking lot and then, using the sidewalks of the main road, to the starting point, in the square.

From various points of the trail the walker can enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding communities, like Lania, Doros, Sylikou, Kouka, Pera Pedi and Moniatis and diverse species of flora and fauna.

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