Yermasoyia Dam nature trail (Finikaria)

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In a small distance from the city of Limassol, Finikaria provide to the visitors an opportunity to tour through the natural beauty of the eastern hills of the Limassol district. With a view to Yermasoyia dam and the sea, the circular route of the trail, 1,5 km long, is an opportunity for walking and exploring the local nature, the flora and fauna in the area, merely 10 – 20 minutes from the city.

The trail follows the morphology of the land, with several, but mild, uphill and downhill paths. The route is relatively smooth and suitable for enjoying the view both towards the south, to the dam, and towards the north, to the village and the mountains. The hills and the terrains are suitable for photography, hiking, mountain climbing and mountain biking. One can also go fishing at the dam, provided a license by the Fishing Department.

The largest part of the Yermasoyia dam is part of the Finikaria territory. It was built back in the end of the 1970s at the Yermasoyia river and it has been watering the entire area. The terrain hosts olive trees and indigenous wild bushes, mushrooms and wild flowers, as well as pine trees and forest plantation. The fauna of the area includes the Cyprus falcon, venomous and nonvenomous snakes, hedgehogs and more.

In a small distance from the trail there is the Finikaria picnic area, fully equipped with water supply, wooden benches, a playground and spots suitable for safely lighting fire.

*Extra tip: Best time for visiting is between February and June, when the weather is mild and there is plenty of water in the dam.

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