Would go for a tiramisu, oreo or refreshing tonic coffee?

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It used to be just the frappe. Then there was the freddo espresso and the Americano. Still, things would go much further, since, like it or not, when the summer lasts longer than 6 months, iced coffee needs to be an experience.

Cold brew came in our lives and became the answer for those who had to drink 2 glasses of water after a bitter sip of espresso. The drink is made through cold extraction, which lasts around 12 – 18 hours, in contrast to the traditional methods of extraction, which use hot water. Thus, cold brew has on average 67% lower acidity, and, consequently, milder taste.

This summer has 3 more special coffee treats, though: espresso tiramisu, coffee with tonic and the ultimate temptation of cookies + cream blizzard, with oreo cookies. The person who thought to puta classic Italian delicacy, such as tiramisu, in a glass with aromatic espresso was a genius, but not as much as the one who though to fill a glass of espresso with milk, crashed ice, chocolate syrup and the favorite cookies of adults and children.

The iced coffee full of bubbles of refreshing tonic was most probably the inevitable, skinny reaction to the temptation coffees. The ultimate summer drinks becomes this way even more interesting and sparkling, while remaining  light, with the dominant presence of the aromas of coffee.

* Espresso tiramisu, cookies + cream blizzard and espresso with tonic is exclusively found at Milkbar, at Makarios Avenue in Limassol.

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