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20 wonderful taverns with a fireplace, at the Limassol countryside!

The taverns in Limassol's countryside, are favorite dining destination all year round. Especially in the winter, though, with the fireplaces and wood stoves on fire, their interior becomes quite more special.

Warm and hospitable, the taverns are transformed into truly wonderful winter spots, for all tastes and preferences. Inside beautiful natural locations, sharing the traditional air of the village, these taverns provide delightful, traditional meze, as well as modern dishes, encouraging you to visit the beautiful Limassol countryside.

The list of these 20 taverns sure are a good opportunity to start your geographical and culinary explorations in Limassol.

1. Agios Epiktitos (Armenochori)

The good wine, the lovely fireplace and the live music of the tavern, are some of the things that will accompany your visit and will offer you beautiful, warm moments. Agios Epiktitos serves Cypriot meze in a calm atmosphere, as well as a panoramic view, only 10 minutes away from the city.

Address: 8, Ammochostou Steet
Contact number: 99 346 529
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2. Taverna Takis (Vouni)

In a restored house in the village of Vouni, you will meet the picturesque Takis tavern. The space has a distinctive decoration with a dominant element of wood, creating a warm and beautiful atmosphere. With the fire burning in 2 separate rooms, you will enjoy a wide variety of meze dishes, authentic Cypriot hospitality and the unique sense of tradition that gives village.

Address: 12, Andrea Vlami Street
Contact number: 25 943 631

3. Katoi (Omodos)

Katoi will pleasantly transfer you to the Middle Ages with its stunning medieval architecture, the arches and the stone building place. Feeling like a knight, you will enjoy unique gastronomic creations of the Cypriot cuisine, at one of the most picturesque villages in Cyprus. You will distinguish it for its special atmosphere as well as for the 2 fireplaces, 1 of which is located in the lovely cellar in the basement.

Address: 25, Linou Street
Contact number: 25 423 033

4. Areti (Fasoula)

Located in an old mansion, Areti tavern welcomes you at its place, offering unique traditional flavors at every visit. Cypriot dishes are cooked with passion, while the fire that burns in the area and the authentic traditional objects that adorn the interior create the warmest atmosphere.

Address: 5, Yiannaki Aeroporou
Contact number: 97 808 218

5. Stou Kir Yanni (Omodos)

At one of the picturesque stone paths of Omodos, you will find the tavern Stou Kir Yianni, which is located in an old, restored house. With an authentic Cypriot character, the venue is an ideal destination for winter excursions, with a fireplace in 1 of its 4 rooms. You will distinguish it for the wonderful wines of its own cellar, the excellent meze, as well as for the enjoyable live music evenings.

Address: Linou 15
Contact number: 70 000 100

6. Kyperia (Kyperounta)

Kyperia has an intense traditional character and a nostalgic atmosphere that take you back to Cyprus of another era. Simple and hospitable, it will warm your heart and stomach with its complete stone infrastructure, the wood stove and the wooden decoration. It’s located in Kyperounta, right next to the community parking place, offering authentic Cypriot meze every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Address: 66, Deisis Street
Contact number: 99 358 167

7. I Folia tou Drakou (Pentakomo)

I Folia tou Drakou is a hospitable tavern, which has been transformed from a coffee shop into a meze tavern, from the 2 brothers of the family. The place is warming you in the winter with 1 wood stove, offering at the same time delicious Cypriot meze and authentic local delicacies, such as marinated chicken, zucchini balls and syrup sweets.

Address: 14, Keryneias Street
Contact number: 99 820 641
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8. To Oxiro (Agios Amvrosios)

With the fireplace warming up in the middle of the room and the food being skillfully prepared in the kitchen, the tavern To Oxiro, welcomes you in a big interior area. The tavern is located in the village of Agios Amvrosios, one of the wine villages of Limassol, satisfying your gastronomic desires for a well-cooked and traditional food.

Address: 6, Vouniou Street
Contact number: 99 614 602

9. Vouniotiko (Vouni)

The big stone-built fireplace and wood stove inside the tavern give the place the necessary warm atmosphere, which blends perfectly with the unique feeling of the village. You will find the tavern just before the village of Vouni, next to a picturesque chapel, ready to offer delicious meze, a la carte dishes, as well as vegetarian portions.

Contact number: 99 316 979

10. Kamares (Lofou)

You will find the warm and hospitable tavern Kamares on one of the paved paths of Lofou, in a wonderful building, built of stone. The atmospheric feeling, the traditional decoration and the fire from the fireplace, accompany the delicious Cypriot dishes, served from Tuesday to Saturday and on Sunday noon.

Contact number: 25 470 719

11. Symposio (Pelendri)

With dedication to the Cypriot culture and taste, Symposio tavern prepares delicious meze in a beautiful, traditional venue. In its place you will enjoy red and wild mushrooms, homemade ravioli, as well as traditional bread, moussaka and kleftiko, which are cooked in its own wood oven. The tavern is located in the village of Pelendri, in a stone building and a fireplace in the corner that will warm you up with the loveliest way.

Address: Prodromou 61
Contact number: 99 404 348

12. I Oraia Ellas (Vouni)

The beautiful traditional mansion in the center of the village offers delicious meze, which with great mastery is prepared by the cook and owner of the tavern. At the venue you will find Greek and Cypriot dishes and a lovely fireplace to warm you up on your visit. Open on weekends and upon reservation from the previous day on the weekdays.

Address: 3, Ellados Street
Contact number: 25 944 328

13. Stin ygeia mas (Asgata)

The tavern Stin ygeia mas, is the new arrival that you will love in the village of Asgata. With 1 wood stove and 1 fireplace that warm up the place, the tavern serves favorite delicacies of the Cypriot cuisine that quite often accompanies with live music. At the interior, the traditional decoration and the impressive arches create a wonderful setting, in a comfortable and familiar environment that embraces you directly.

Address: 2, Petrou & Pavlou Street
Contact number: 99 877 772

14. Alevromilos (Asgata)

Besides the traditional character that holds in its place, Alevromilos tavern combines the gastronomy of Cyprus with flavors from Venezuela. Combining a beautiful interior with a wood stove and live music evenings, the tavern offers its own wine sausages, as well as special dishes from Venezuela, such as the roasted meat with spicy sauces, empanadas (traditional pies) and black beans. Open daily except Mondays. 

Address: Asgata Square
Contact number: 99 440 860

15. Anoyira (Anoyira)

Drawing the lovely village atmosphere and the countryside air, the homonymous tavern in the village of Anoyira warms you up with the fireplace and its interior. It has a rich menu with an emphasis on traditional cuisine, offering Cypriot meze, cooked dishes and seafood. The tavern leaves for the end traditional desserts, such as anari (white cheese) with carob syrup, pourekkia and mahallepi. Open every night from Tuesday to Saturday and Sunday noon.

Address: 1, Kourtellou Street
Contact number: 99 795 468

16. To Tavernaki tis Elenis (Armenochori)

In a beautiful location at Armenochori, To Tavernaki tis Elenis, welcomes you in a pleasant atmosphere, fighting the cold of the season with the fireplace and offering enjoyable moments for you and your company. On its menu you will find authentic Cypriot meze, which you can accompany with good wine. Open from Friday to Sunday noon and with reservation for special events on the weekdays.

Contact number: 96 609 608

17. Neraida (Foini)  

The special fireplace that lights up on a big jar is one of the things that you will love in Neraida. The beautiful tavern in the picturesque village of Phini, cooks Cypriot meze and traditional dishes, such as pastitsio, souvla and meatballs, as well as trout, from the fishery located below the tavern. It stands out for its delicious tavvas, leaving the best for the end, the famous Phinioti Loukoumi, which treats to all its customers.

Address: 4, Demou Herodotou Street
Contact number: 99 442 210

18. Maramenos (Kalo Chorio)

At Agia Paraskevi excursion area, in a rich natural landscape that challenge your appetite directly, you will discover Maramenos tavern, always ready to serve traditional meze. The fireplace is at the center of the area, constantly keeping you warm, while the delicious dishes of Cypriot and Mediterranean cuisine satisfy your desire for homemade culinary delights.

Contact number: 25 542 424

19. Kaminia (Kato Platres)

Kaminia is located a few meters from the village square, in a comfortable and attentive area, on the main road between Kato and Pano Platres. You will love it for the traditional approach that characterizes both the food and the warm hospitality. With a fireplace for the winter, the area is an ideal choice for family visits and delicious lunch or dinner.

Contact number: 99 452 608

20. Adventure Mountain Park (Kyperounta)

Besides the fantastic activities, the Adventure Mountain Park offers a wonderful area where you can enjoy your food, amidst a stunning natural setting in Kyperounta village. In addition to the meze and the traditional dishes prepared with natural ingredients directly from nature, the venue also features a fireplace for the ultimate winter experience.

Address: Doksa si o Theos
Contact number: 99 674 126

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