26 wonderful taverns with a fireplace in the Limassol countryside!

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The taverns in the Limassol countryside are beloved dining destination all year round. In the winter time, however, when the fireplaces and wood stoves are lit, they become all the more special.

These warm and hospitable taverns are transformed into truly wonderful winter spots to suit all tastes and preferences. Situated in beautiful, natural settings and sharing the traditional atmosphere of the villages in which they are located, these taverns offer delicious, traditional meze, as well as modern dishes, enticing you to visit the beautiful Limassol countryside.

This comprehensive list of 26 taverns is a good starting point for your geographical and culinary explorations in Limassol.

1. Pyrgos (Vasa Kilaniou)

A tavern with panoramic views of the village offers up Cypriot flavors in full portions as well as divided into meze dishes. The comfortable space is heated in the winter by the traditional stove to create a welcoming environment. 

Contact number: 99 491455

2. Alexandros tavern (Vouni)

This tavern is located at the entrance of the village, next to the community park. Thanks to its familial atmosphere, its homemade pies served for dessert, and the warmth of its stove, it is a wonderful option for winter dining.

Contact number: 99 475982, 99 406434

3. Taverna Takis (Vouni)

The charming Takis Tavern is located in a restored residence in the village of Vouni. With a fire lighting up 2 separate rooms, you will enjoy a large variety of meze dishes and local wines.

Address: 12, Andrea Vlami Street
Contact number: 25 943 631

4. I Oraia Ellas (Vouni)

Located in the picturesque alleys of the village, this tavern offers delicious meze of Greek and Cypriot cuisine, masterfully prepared by the cook and owner of the tavern, to be enjoyed by the stone-built fireplace.

Address: 3, Ellados Street
Contact number: 25 944 328

5. Vouniotiko (Vouni)

The large fireplace and wood-burning stove inside the tavern create a suitably warm environment for enjoying delicious meze and a la carte dishes, as well as vegetarian options.

Contact number: 99 316 979

6. Berengaria (Prodromos)

The restaurant, named after the historical hotel of Prodromos and built with the characteristic stones found in the mountains, offers dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, enjoyed next to the large fireplace.

Contact number: 99 461179

7. Byzantio (Prodromos)

For more than 20 years, this restaurant has been honouring the flavors of local cuisine through its rich buffet. The large stove and fireplace fill the space with warmth all winter long. 

Contact number: 99 430132

8. Makris Restaurant (Moniatis)

A tavern known for dishes such as ‘kleftiko,’ ‘souvla,’ stuffed zucchini flowers and more, welcomes guests to a beautiful location, within a space featuring a fireplace and stone décor.

Τηλέφωνο: 25 421275

9. Katoi (Omodos)

A visit to the cellar of this tavern will transport you on a journey to medieval times in Cyprus, as that is where its oldest fireplace is located. The menu includes creative dishes based on Greek and Cypriot traditions.

Address: 25, Linou Street
Contact number: 25 423033

10. Makrinari (Omodos)

Located within the alleys of the picturesque village of Omodos, Makrinari tavern is a welcoming Cypriot tavern with a warm and friendly atmosphere. On special occasions, guests can enjoy a live musical accompaniment with their meal. 

Contact number: 25 422151

11. Stou Kir Yanni (Omodos)

The tavern features a fireplace in one of its 4 rooms, and is famous for its local wine, its eclectic meze dishes, and nights featuring live music. 

Address: Linou 15
Contact number: 70 000 100

12. Lania Tavern

Located in one of the most beautiful villages of the Limassol countryside, the tavern of Lania offers tried and tested dishes as well as its own bottled wine, all accompanied by the warm of the stove.

Contact number: 25 432398

13. Platanos tavern (Lania)

The plane tree at the entrance of Laneia has lent its name to this little tavern which makes traditional, home-made dishes, such as its delectable meatballs. In the winter, the fire from the wood-burning stove is a cosy dining companion. 

Contact number: 25 434273

14. Agrovino (Lofou)

Part of the agritourism complex which comprises guesthouses and a wine cellar, this tavern is located in a preserved, stone-built home, and features a fireplace that warms up the atmosphere in the winter. The menu includes traditional Cypriot dishes.

Contact number: 25 470202

15. Kamares (Lofou)

This warm and welcoming little tavern is located on one of the stone-paved pathways of Lofou. Its traditional décor the fire crackling in the fireplace accompany delicious Cypriot dishes.

Contact number: 25 470719

16. Symposio (Pelendri)

With a dedication to Cypriot culture and flavors, Symposio Tavern prepares delicious meze dishes with wild mushrooms, homemade ravioli and kleftiko, which can be enjoyed by the fireplace or the stove.

Address: Prodromou 61
Contact number: 99 404348

17. Polydendri (Pelendri)

This tavern was named after one of the many versions of the story behind the village name. Comforted by the warmth of the fireplace, visitors can sample delicious, traditional delicacies. 

Contact number: 25 552651

18. Kyperia (Kyperounta)

Plain and welcoming, this tavern stands out for its authentic, local meze dishes, the wonderful atmosphere created by the wood-burning stove, and the décor adorning the stone-built walls. 

Address: 66, Deisis Street
Contact number: 99 358167

19. Adventure Mountain Park (Kyperounta)

Besides its fun activities, the Adventure Mountain Park also offers a wonderful area where you can enjoy your food next to the fireplace for the ultimate winter experience.

Address: Doksa si o Theos
Contact number: 99 674126

20. Maramenos (Kalo Chorio)

In a beautiful, natural landscape that will immediately whet your appetite, the tavern offers traditional meze delicacies, with the fireplace at the center of the space, distributing its heat to the entire venue.

Contact number: 25 542424

21. The Village Tavern (Platres)

In a venue decorated with a variety of traditional Cypriot artifacts, this tavern offers beloved dishes of the Cypriot cuisine. The unique wood burning stove in the middle of the tavern warms up the entire space, creating an ideal atmosphere for winter guests.  

Τηλέφωνο: 99 663772

22. Neraida (Fini)  

The special fireplace that was created within a large clay jar is just one of the things that you will love at Neraida Tavern. The delicious ‘ttavas,’ meatballs, as well as the trout, from the local fish farm, are just some of the standout items on the menu.

Address: 4, Demou Herodotou Street
Contact number: 99 442210

23. Fini Tavern

This characteristic Cypriot tavern with traditional décor, located in the beautiful natural environment of Fini village, offers its visitors a delightful experience right next to the warmth of the wood stove.

Contact number: 25 421828

24. Strofi sti gefsi (Mandria)

Located along one of the most beautiful routes through the mountains of Limassol, between the villages of Mantria and Kato Platres, this tavern offers meze dishes next to the fireplace, which stays lit all day. 

Τηλέφωνα: 25 421221, 97 830715, 99 713119

25. Agora (Arsos)

Located in the center of the village, next to the church, Agora Tavern has become synonymous with the hospitality of Arsos, offering home-cooked dishes made with care, accompanied by the warmth from the wood burning stove. 

Contact number: 99 662726

26. Folia tou Drakou (Pentakomo)

The tavern ‘I Folia tou Drakou,’ (or ‘The Dragon’s Den’), is a welcoming venue that evolved from a coffee shop to a meze tavern, and has stood out for its well-made meze and kleftiko dishes. In the winter, food is served in the company of the wood-burning stove.

Address: 14, Keryneias Street
Contact number: 99 820641