25 wonderful taverns with a fireplace in Limassol!

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Taverns are a special option for going out, since they combine beloved traditional delicacies of the island, with a welcoming atmosphere and good music. Setting up their interior appropriately for winter, they light their fireplaces and wood stoves, creating an ideal environment.

Limassol remains true to its reputation for offering entertainment and quality food in beautiful spaces, both in the city and countryside. Each option is uniquely special and certainly worth discovering.

Taverns in the city

1. Kapilio (Agios Tychon)

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this traditional tavern welcomes its guests with traditional meze, as well as filling dishes that satisfy the most discerning palate.

Address: Agios Tychon
Contact number: 99 556084

2. Proavlio (Parekklisia)

Maintaining traditional flavors and hospitality, this tavern offers an upgraded experience with modern touches. Theodoros' kleftiko, the moussaka, as well as mama Aglaia's orange pie, are among the tavern's top delicacies.

Address: Timou Stavrou 19, Parekklisia
Contact number: 25 222444

3. Taverna Skourouvinnos (Agios Athanasios)

Traditional meze and unique delicacies made with special mastery and passion, offers a unique tasting experience every evening. The fireplace of the stonebuilt building will certainly keep you cozy and warm.

Address: Feidia & Polixenis Diamanti, Agios Athanasios
Contact number: 99 608178

4. O Mbaxes Taverna (Agia Fyla)

'Mbaxes' is a new venue in the city, offering tasty dishes in a traditional atmosphere. The stonebuilt construction offers 1 wood stove and 1 fireplace in 2 different rooms thus allowing you to remain warm wherever you happen to be seated. The tavern stands out for its authentic recipes and fresh ingredients from local producers, as well as for its own wine, available by bottle. Every Friday and Saturday, your night out is accompanied by live music.

Address: 1st April St, Agia Fyla
Contact number: 25 771001

5. Forsos (Mouttagiaka)

An evening excursion up the hill of Mouttagiaka area, will reward you in the best of ways, along with authentic aromas and flavors. The tavern has kept its fine quality and friendly service unaltered for many years, offering customer satisfaction, with seasonanal meze dishes for every taste.

Address: Agiou Eleftheriou 49, Mouttagiaka
Contact number: 25 329490

6. Taverna Yialousa (Mouttagiaka)

A family tavern offering home-cooked Cypriot dishes, which welcomes its guests in a familiar environment, with the fire from the fireplace warming the space in winter. Thus, it is suitable for parties and receptions as well as daily outings for dinner.

Address: Archangelou Michael 55, Mouttagiaka
Contact number: 25 323000

7. Shiambelos (Polemidia)

Preserving the elements of genuine Cypriot hospitality and cuisine, this tavern has turned into one of peoples’ most beloved options for evenings accompanied by traditional flavors and home recipes.

Address: Yalousas 1, Polemidia
Contact number: 99 525298

8. Eparxiaki (Yermasoyia)

Eparχiaki creates a wonderful setting, with the fireplace warming the entire space and delicious meze dishes from Cypriot and Greek cuisine, satisfying even the most demanding customers.

Address: Agias Paraskevis 27, Yermasoyia
Contact number: 70 074444

9. Oineas (Heroes Square)

A landmark in Heroes’ Square, this tavern is a beloved option for any season and for anyone who wishes to enjoy a traditional meze accompanied by live music. During the winter, the fireplace creates a warm atmosphere within the dining area.

Address: Heroes Square
Contact number: 96 402323

Taverns in the countryside

10. Agios Epiktitos (Armenochori)

Good wine, homecooked dishes and Cypriot meze will accompany your visit to Agios Epiktitos tavern, which offers panoramic views.

Address: Ammochostou 8, Armenochori
Contact number: 99 346529

11. Areti Tavern (Fasoula)

With a love for food and traditional flavors, the menu at Areti tavern offers a culinary experience that brings back memories.

Address: Yiannakis Aeroporos 5, Fasoula
Contact number: 97 808218

12. Stoa Aristotelous (Fasoula)

Featuring traditional dishes, homemade recipes (from their own sausages to ‘palouze’ and even jams) this tavern  offers delicious, seasonal delicacies and a unique culinary experience.

Address: Aristotelous 2, Fasoula
Contact number: 99 956478

13. Makris Restaurant (Moniatis)

A tavern known for its tasty traditional dishes, welcomes its guests to a beautiful location, within a space featuring a fireplace and stone décor.

Address: Moniatis 88, Moniatis
Contact number: 25 421275

14. Kouka Tavern (Kouka)

Kouka Tavern is located directly across from the Holy Cross church and it is a lovely hangout where you can enjoy traditional dishes and hospitality.

Address: Kouka
Contact number: 99 656929

15. Orea Hellas (Vouni)

Located in the picturesque alleys of the village, this tavern offers delicious meze of Greek and Cypriot cuisine, masterfully prepared by the cook and owner of the tavern, to be enjoyed by the stone-built fireplace.

Address: Ellados 3, Vouni
Contact number: 25 944328

16. Vouniotiko (Vouni)

The large fireplace and wood-burning stove inside the tavern create a suitably warm environment for enjoying delicious meze and a la carte dishes, as well as vegetarian options.

Contact number: 99 316979

17. Taverna Takis (Vouni)

The charming Takis Tavern is located in a restored residence in the village of Vouni. With a fire lighting up 2 separate rooms, you will enjoy a large variety of meze dishes and local wines.

Address: Andrea Vlami 12, Vouni
Contact number: 25 943631

18. Lofou Tavern - Agrovino (Lofou)

Part of the agritourism complex which comprises guesthouses and a wine cellar, this tavern is located in a preserved, stone-built home, and features a fireplace that warms up the atmosphere in the winter. The menu includes traditional Cypriot dishes.

Address: Tsintouri, 4716, Lofou
Contact number: 25 470202

19. Kamares (Lofou) 

This warm and welcoming little tavern is located on one of the stone-paved pathways of Lofou. Its traditional décor and the fire crackling in the fireplace accompany delicious Cypriot dishes.

Address: Lofou 
Contact number: 25 470719

20. Maramenos (Kalo Chorio)

In a beautiful, natural landscape that will immediately whet your appetite, the tavern offers traditional delicacies with fresh ingredients, with its 2 fireplaces warming up the venue.

Address: Kalo Chorio
Contact number: 25 542424

21. Strofi sti Gefsi (Mandria)

Located along one of the most beautiful routes through the mountains of Limassol, between the villages of Mantria and Kato Platres, this tavern offers delicious meze dishes next to the fireplace.

Address: Mandria
Contact number: 25 421221

22. Katoi (Omodos)

A visit to the cellar of this tavern will transport you on a journey to medieval times in Cyprus, as that is where its oldest fireplace is located. The menu includes creative dishes based on Greek and Cypriot traditions.

Address: Linou 25, Omodos
Contact number: 99 674444

23. Stou Kir Yianni (Omodos)

Located in the picturesque village of Omodos, this little tavern is famous for warm and welcoming atmosphere, its local wine, eclectic meze dishes and evenings featuring live music. 

Address: Linou 15, Omodos
Contact number: 70 000100

24. Symposio (Pelendri)

With a dedication to Cypriot culture and flavors, Symposio Tavern prepares delicious meze dishes with wild mushrooms, homemade ravioli and kleftiko, which can be enjoyed by the fireplace or the stove.

Address: Prodromou 61, Pelendri
Contact number: 99 404348

25. Polydentri Tavern (Pelendri)

This tavern was named after one of the many versions of the story behind the village name. Comforted by the warmth of the fireplace, visitors can sample delicious, traditional delicacies. 

Address: Sotiri Tsangkari 56, Pelendri
Contact number: 99 406549