Winter hiking in Icelandic scenery in the Limassol mountains!

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The changing seasons often have such an effect on the Limassol mountain landscapes, that it often becomes difficult to distinguish whether certain scenery is actually located in Cyprus. This has been the case with the frozen cliffs in the area of the asbestos mine.

The large crater of the abandoned mine, which is transformed into a lake in the winter, as well as the smaller cavities formed on the excavated slopes, can be seen covered in snow and fog in this unique, aerial video. The flight above this otherworldly scenery offers a glimpse of the Troodos slopes as never seen before, conjuring up images of a frosty Iceland landscape.

The video was created by the Cyprus from Air team, who had reached the ‘secret’ Asbestos lake by crossing through the ‘Loumata ton aeton’ trail, on a hike they organized along with dozens of other nature lovers. The images represent only a small part of the unique experience of the people who participated in this winter hiking tour.