Who was Berengaria, the Queen of England who was crowned in Limassol?

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Tradition and Customs
Political History

King Richard was a legendary historical figure that stigmatized the history of Limassol and the whole island’s history as well. He arrived in the island in 1191 AD during the Third Crusade, conquering the whole Cyprus. Nevertheless, his dominance last for a while, since after a short time he sold Cyprus to the Templar Knights. Find out more about the King Richard and the domination of the island here.

As the legend recounts, the famous King married his wife, Berengaria, in 1191 AD and crowned her as the Queen of England at the Limassol Castle. People have preserved the legend of Berengaria and Richard until today, even if there are no historical evidence to prove that the royal marriage took place in that specific place.

Although Richard's wife has so far been an important character, who has been associated with Limassol, both her life and her personality are almost unknown. Thus, Navarre's Berengaria of Navarre remains a prominent historical figure, who, however, carries a veil of mystery around her name.

She was characterized by prudence and her life had many constraints that forced her to live with little freedom, even though she was a Queen. Berengaria was the eldest daughter of the family and a very good friend with Richard's sister, Joan, who had taken her under her custody. Indeed, the 2 women traveled together, so that Berengaria could follow Richard on the Crusades — a trip that eventually led the 2 women in Limassol due to a storm.

Perhaps, the greatest reputation that follows Berengaria is “the only Queen of England, who has never set foot in the country”, a fact which is true, at least until her husband's death.

Besides the Castle in the city center, the name of Berengaria is well known in the village of Prodromos in Limassol. There, the homonymous hotel (also as Verengaria) is located, and although abandoned, continues to provoke interest and discussion, with the legends that accompany it. You can find out more about Verengaria Hotel here.

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