Who was A. Pilavakis, the owner of Limassol's little palace?

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Antonis Pilavakis, a merchant in Limassol during the first decades of the previous century, is a mystery to most people, even though his majestic mansion has an emblematic role and position in the city. Of course, this landmark building, is just one of the offering of the unusual persona and uneasy spirit of Pilavakis to the city.

On Christmas Eve in 1917, Chatzipavlou Theater hosts a screening of the first amateur, purely Cypriot movie production, a work of this man, who was particularly involved in arts and culture. A pioneer in this sector, he brings in Cyprus the first cinematographic camera. After all, Antonis Pilavakis, son of another pioneer in Cyprus industry, shipping and banking sectors, Aristocles Pilavakis, apart from his interest in architecture (which led to the construction of his majestic mansion at Agiou Andreou street), he was also interested in the art of photography.

So, with his camera, he captures historical events, scenes from the everyday life in Limassol, people and important personas in the city and more. At Chatzipavlou Theater, Pilavakis presents several short films, with scenes from Pallemesia Festival in 1917, from the horse races in Limassol, from the elegant resort in Platres village, where famous people of those times used to spend their holidays, from the Municipal Garden and more. 

Read here about the history of the majestic Pilavakis Mansion, which now hosts the Limassol Library.

Credits: Titos Kolotas, Municipal Historical Archives

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