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When the dock of Limassol Marina was... quarantined!

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At the ports, the come and going of products is controlled by customs. But on the coming and going of people, apply some other control mechanisms. In the 20th century the dock area, where the Limassol Marina is located today, was used as a control and isolation area of hazardous or suspected cases.

The proximity of Cyprus to the countries of Asia and Africa resulted in the frequent movement of travelers from countries, where outbreaks of various diseases rampant. So, the dock on the west side of the Old Port was the area receiving cases of travelers who were considered suspects for the dissemination of diseases and needed to be isolated. At the dock, in fact, there were buildings that were used for the decontamination of some of these.

Today, this area is covered by the facilities of Limassol Marina. Its designation of "quarantine dock" has been forgotten for many years now, but the area continues to have a common denominator with its prior status. The Limassol Marina, like the pier back in the beginning of the 20th century, accommodates thousands of people every day, from different nationalities, from dozens of different countries, travelers, visitors and permanent residents. Fortunately, the area now, not only is not quarantined, but it is, indeed, one of the most vibrant and beautiful corners of the city.

Photos: Limassol Historical Archive

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