When the dock of the Limassol Marina was... quarantined!

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At the ports, the movement of products is controlled by customs. The movement of people, however, undergoes a different set of controls. In the 20th century, the dock in the area where the Limassol Marina stands today was used as a checkpoint for evaluating and isolating dangerous or suspicious incidents. This is why it became known as the quarantine dock.

As a British colony, and due to its close proximity to countries in Asia and Africa, Cyprus would frequently receive travelers from countries where diseases and epidemics were rampant. Limassol was one of the main ports under British Colonization, and, by extension, one of the entry points to the island. This is why the the dock on the west side of the Old Port had been configured to receive travelers suspected of carrying diseases, and for whom quarantine was necessary.

In the same area, buildings were set up for the disinfection of travelers, if and when that was deemed necessary. This is why the quarantine dock, despite being very close to the historic center, was a rather isolated area. Today, of course, its character has undergone a 180 degree change, as it is now home to the Limassol Marina.


The moniker 'quarantine dock' has been forgotten, but, much like its predecessor, it is still a (restriction-free) entry point to thousands of people, from a dozen different countries, travelers, visitors, as well as permanent residents.

Photos: Limassol Historical Archive

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