The black swans are no longer at the Limassol coast!

The black swans that draw some attention at the Limassol beach and inspired hundreds of photos, are no longer by the sea of the city. The 2 foreign swans, of an Australian kind, appeared 1,5 months ago without intending to leave Limassol and without anyone looking for them.

The authorities were worried, since the birds could be harmed (on purpose or accidentally) and the rise of the temperature would make their survival harder day by day. Since they were unable to live at the salt lake habitat in Akrotiri, they had to be taken in by the Limassol Zoo, so that they would be catered properly, along with other swans in the park.

The swans will be hosted in a special area, until they adjust with the new environment, while some medical examinations will be conducted, to make sure that their health is intact. Their transportation was the result of a common effort by the Government Department for Hunting and Fauna, along with the NGOs BirdLife Cyprus and Terra Cypria.

Photos: Akos Avraam

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