The black swans came, stayed and they are becoming Limassol's new mascots!

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It has already been a month since Limassol woke up to the unusual sight of 2 black swans at the sea. Even though it is still not clear how and why did they come to the city, these 2 "intruders" are now becoming a mascot for Limassol.

Anyone who visits the seaside, will take the opportunity to get a picture of these 2 unusual swans. The most peculiar thing, though, is the fact that these birds seem very comfortable in the presence of people and they are rather keen in posing for the camera each time, which supports the case that they have been part of some private collection.

Either at Akti Olympion, or at Lady’s Mile beach and the Saltlake, these 2 swans don’t seem like going anywhere away from Limassol. The good thing is that most encounters are friendly and harmless, since people really do admire them, so the authorities mention that anyone walking around with dogs, should be most careful so that they don’t attack the birds. Could Limassol have new mascots, after all?


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