What is the new sparkling building on Limassol's seafront avenue?

High architectural aesthetics, intriguing design, luxurious “simplicity”, sparkling and impressive image, both in the day and night. This is the picture of the new eye-catching building hosted on Limassol’s seafront avenue.

The building is the recently opened impressive property sale office of Pafilia Property Developers, which was built on Limassol’s seafront avenue, in a prime location next to the Limassol park. According to the company’s announcement, this expansion is a natural progression following the launch of several high profile developments in the city, which include, ONE, the tallest residential seafront tower in Europe.

The new office, designed by the local architect Iraklis Papachristou, has already drawn people’s attention. Its contemporary design is, according to the company, aligned with Pafilia’s focus on pioneering, quality and innovative design.

Providing an ideal space for showcasing their extensive portfolio, as mentioned in the announcement, the company wishes for the new office to be “an exemplar of style and contemporary design that defines the Pafilia brand.”

Pafilia’s property sales offices in Limassol are open Monday – Friday 08:30 – 18:30 and Saturday 09:00 – 13:00. 

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