What is the impressive building with orange "reflections" on the Limassol highway?

One of the most recent architectural ornaments of the city, is seen while one is passing through the Limassol highway, at the height of Mesa Yitonia. It is the building of Fameline Properties company, which impresses both with its facade and the interior design.

The building, delivered in 2013, was designed by the architectural office Vardastudio and is one of the most impressive modern buildings of the city. With linear, horizontal openings, but smaller square openings in the facade, the building acquires a different depth and perspective.

The openings are further emphasized by the use of intense orange color, which is placed strategically in other parts of the project, too. While the north side is uniform, the south side, instead of a single surface, it creates elongated volumes with linear horizontal openings. With touches of orange, it manages to pair up beautifully with the Limassol skyline, especially during the sunset, while it maintains elements of the industrial character of the city, too.

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