Water Tower, Old Tank

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The Water Tower was supplying water to Limassol city for almost 30 years. Its location was, once, the highest spot of Limassol. The residential area of Limassol was located by the east seaside and it reached the area just before the Tower. Beyond that, there was nothing else. 

The Water Tower ensured the water supply of Limassol, which was until then, provided by the Havouza reservoir. It’s a historic monument of the city but also one of the most recognizable spots and its location is often used to provide town directions to many of the city visitors. 

It was built by the English contractors Williamson and Pegelay and the sub-contractor Tsiros in 1920 under Christodoulos Hadjipavlu’s term as Mayor of Limassol and the total cost amounted to 9.000 pounds.

Its height and capacity enabled it to supply the whole town with water until 1947 when the underground water supply system was set up.

On the other hand the old Water Pumping Station was built at the lowest spot of the city and was used to pump significant quantities of water from the Garyllis Delta aquifer. The water was then transferred through water pipes to the Limassol Water Tower from where it was distributed to the town. It was a pioneering water distribution system not only for Cyprus but also for the whole geographical region around Cyprus.

Also visit the Water Museum to see the Old Water Pump as well as other exhibits which concern the water supply of the city in the ancient years. 

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