Water Reservoir (Kato Mylos)

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The water reservoir just outside the village of Kato Mylos, in the Pitsilia area, is considered to be a life source, as it supplies water to the surrounding cultivated orchards of peach and other fruit trees. At the same time, it also offers a unique setting for visitors to admire, as it is filled with red-colored fish that are visible in the water.

These blush-colored fish are the result of proliferation by the few goldfish and carp that were placed in the reservoir by the local authorities a few years prior. The aim was to combat the uncontrolled increase in mosquitos drawn to the reservoir water. Those 4 carp and 2 goldfish were the reason behind one of the area’s most beautiful biotopes.

The 9.5 meter deep tank can hold up to 104,000 cubic meters of water, and it remains full all year round. The picnic area located right next to it, as well as the nature trail that begins in the same spot, are additional reasons to visit this location and admire its natural beauty.