Vrysi tis Elitzis nature trail (Lofou)

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The picturesque village of Lofou, with an altitude of around 800 meters, has plenty of beauties. One of them is its trail, which is actually the path its residents used to take for several decades to reach the fountain that provided water.

Lofou nature trail starts a few dozens of meters outside the village, at the road heading to Silikou village, from the dirt road north of Lofou. It is around 1,5 km long and it follows a descending path towards Elitzi fountain, which provided the residents with water until 1842.

The currant along the trail has resulted to 1 small ecosystem with plenty of different kinds of the Cypriot flora and fauna, where high bushes and oak trees, as well as herbs are the dominant kinds of plantation. The walkers can enjoy the view on their way and have a rest near the fountain where wooden benches are found.

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