Vouniotiko: A beloved tavern for all who enjoy trips to the Limassol countryside!

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This is one of the taverns you will find on your way to the countryside, which offers traditional dishes that will complement your experience in the Limassol villages. Set in a location boasting incredible views all the way to Limassol, with a beautiful chapel next to its courtyard, Vouniotiko is a space that has become a popular stop on the way to Vouni village.

It is a family-run tavern, with all members actively participating in its day-to-day running, and this has helped create a warm and familiar atmosphere. Indeed, this is one of the main reasons the tavern has gained such a loyal following, as it is beloved by all who enjoy spending relaxing moments and holidays at Vouniotiko. Its traditional Cypriot cuisine, featuring homemade dishes, is yet another reason for its popularity. 

The location allows for endless views of the surrounding hills from the terrace, while the large oak tree, with its far-reaching foliage, makes this space ideal for the warmer months of the year. However, as the Limassol semi-mountainous areas are quite chilly in the winter, the fireplace in the indoor dining area of the tavern is where everyone gathers during the rest of the months of the year. 

After their meal, guests can enjoy a traditional, Cypriot coffee made on the hot sand.

Contact number: 99 316979