View point (Fini)

* NOTE: All the tributes of All About Limassol (as the Official Guide of Limassol) aim to ONLY highlight the special advantages of this wonderful city, so that everyone can be aware of the unique Experiences it offers. Under no circumstances do they have any promotional or nominal value, nor do they serve the interests of Companies, Municipalities, Organizations or Individuals.

At over 1000 meters high on the mountains, wherer the Troodos forest becomes even more dense, there is a balcony open for anyone, at any time of the day.

It is a balcony looking over Limassol's village with the red soil, as well as the greenest valley, where Diarizos river crosses through.

Cozy benches with wooden kiosks will welcome you, right before you reach Fini village, which nestles under the hill. This spot that boasts a view over the picturesque village, is the best for gazing the green valley of the river, all the way to Paphos district.

The contrast between the colors of the red tiles and the the evergreen setting of this location, create an image similar to a painting. The only difference is that, while looking, you can also listen to the sounds of the forest and the scents of the pine trees.