View point from the Curium hill

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The seas view could actually be the greatest advantage of living on an island. This advantage was obviously known from the very early years of Cyprus and the residents would make a good use of it. This is probably how this hill at the Limassol district became a famous view point, over 2,500 years ago.

Some of the most beautiful sunsets is the one you will enjoy up there. This is, also, the rock you will visit again and again, when you want to open up your horizons and breathe some fresh air. This is the rock that generates a feeling of belonging in this sequence of greatness, from the endless sea to one of the most brilliant, ancient civilizations of this area.

The rock that used to host one of the greatest kingdoms in Cyprus, Kourion, is a major proof of the timeless superiority of this location. The view is still marvelously showcased in this archaeological site, while the amphitheater, where concerts and plays take place regularly during the summer months, complements the show on the stage with the amazing view of a sunset.

The most daring will enjoy the view from the edge of the hill, while the ones hesitating to approach, do have some excellent alternatives on the wooden balcony of the site or the seats of the theater. Those more adventurous or romantic can always have a walk across the hill, in the middle of ancient rocks and wild bushes.

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