The unknown history behind the mysterious, deserted buildings on Avdimou beach!

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Economy (Commerce, Industry, Tourism)

Avdimou beach, west of Limassol, stands out for its natural beauty, but it also has an interesting history. The coastline bears traces of the people who lived there in the 20th century, and their activities.

At the western end of tha bay, where Avdimou beach connects with Melanda beach, there is a small, rectangular building with a dome, which resembles a chapel. This is in fact a Muslim monument, as Avdmou village was mostly a Turkish Cypriot community before 1974. There used to be 3 Turkish Cypriot graves in the same area, which were destroyed due to the ground’s erosion.

Another semi-destroyed building in the center of Avdimou beach, near the tavern that operates there today, used to be a carob warehouse for many decades, belonging to Greek Cypriots. There was also a pier on the beach, which served the boat that transported carob cargos to various destinations.


The pier was damaged and eventually removed approximately 3 decades ago, but the stone-built warehouse is still a reminder that the beach was once a commercial stop.

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