VIDEO: The unknown history behind the mysterious, deserted buildings at Avdimou beach!

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Avdimou beach is one of the most beautiful, family beaches of the Limassol District. A small gulf, surrounded by high, white cliffs, with sand and pebbles on the coast, on the edge of an agricultural area. But, 2 deserted buildings are the ones completing the scenery, bringing up some questions.

A small dome rising up just a few meters away from the sea, resembling to a chapel, is actually, according to what the locals can recall, a small Muslim monument, dedicated to Turkish Cypriots that passed away. The same area used to host 3 Turkish Cypriot graves, too, which disappeared a long time ago, after the coast was eroded by the sea waves. Avdimou used to be mainly a Turkish Cypriot village before the 1974 war, while today it mostly hosts Greek Cypriots refugees.

The long, stone built building with the half – demolished arches, which is found along the road leading to the beach, belongs to Greek Cypriots and, for many decades in the past, it used to be a warehouse for carobs. The Avdimou beach used to have a dock for vessels to be able to load the carob and transport it to several destinations. The dock was damaged and eventually removed around 3 decades ago. One of the restaurants on the beach side still has some pictures of the dock, which used to be a favorite spot for diving.

Photos: Romos Kotsonis, George Kemkas

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