VIDEO: The cotton candy pancakes is the new tasty temptation taking over Limassol!

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You have seen and tasted all kind of pancakes: with chocolate, with cream, with syrup, with fruits, with nuts, with… , with… Pancakes with cotton candy may not have been something you would have expected. But you may have dreamed or wished that someone would think of serving this in a plate for you.

Id the second guess is a fact, then you should know that your wish came true (so, whatever was going on when you made it, make sure to be happening next time, when you wish for the lucky lottery). Until you win the lottery, though, you can still experience moments of ultimate pleasure, enjoying the new addition at Esterlla Limassol menu. This new temptation consists of a special pancake mix, on top of which there will be a thick layer of chocolate, with the ball of the fragrant cotton candy on top and the syrup as an extra suggestion for the perfect finish. 

The new Estrella Limassol menu was prepared to fit perfectly with the season, suggesting new, original taste and flavor combinations. The recipes have been getting ready for some time now by the chefs in Greece, so that December 2017 would be a month of new surprises among the interesting options one can already find at the all-day brunch franchise menu in Greece and Cyprus.

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