VIDEO: The 850-km sea journey of a man from Limassol on an SUP board!

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The 850 kilometer trip on which Costas Symeonides has embarked, standing for approximately 11 hours a day on his board, is reaching its end. The first images from this epic journey are proof of the amount of effort this man from Limassol has put into his feat, and the obstacles that he has to overcome each day.

On August 15th,  he left Mykonos at 6 in the morning, heading to Amorgos, with winds at 6 to 7 degrees on the Beaufort scale, and waves reaching up to 3 meters high and coming from different directions. After a stop at Donousa Island, he and his team spent the night in Amorgos. The journey continued with stops on Astypalaia and Syrna islands, and then to Rhodes, with very strong winds up to 7 on the Beaufort scale.

This journey in the open sea, with huge waves, and endless hours of paddling and standing on the board, have been a challenge, and deeply personal one for which Costas has been preparing himself for some time now. His goal is to help raise money to support the Center for Preventive Pediatrics and the Karaiskakeio Foundation (see how you can help here).


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