'Venetian Bridges' Nature Trails (Treis Elies)

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One of the most idyllic and ancient trails of the Limassol mountain region is located just a few meters from the last houses in the village of Treis Elies. In this trail, one will come across 2 wonderful Venetian bridges, and a wealth of rich foliage and shrubbery.

This is a smooth path of just 3 kilometers, which can easily be crossed by anyone, regardless of their physical condition or age. Its starting point is on the central road and it ends up just lower than the main road towards the village of Kaminaria.

The trail passes through rich, wild vegetation, with walnut trees, plane trees, ivy plants, and dozens of aromatic bushes all collecting nourishment from the water of the river which flows alongside the trail. This was the route followed by people heading to the valley of Diarizos from the Limassol mountains during the Middle Ages, and the 2 bridges constructed at the time still stand proudly to this day along the path.  

Near the middle of the trail one will also find the abandoned chapel of Agios Andronikos.