Troodos Square Trail

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It is one of the most popular destination for those who ask for a daily escape in the breezy shades of the trees in the summer, or a trip for games with the snow in the winter. Just a few minutes from the highest peak in Cyprus, Troodos Square may be familiar to many, but it still holds some surprises.

After the implementation of the project for the remodelling of the area, its northern side, where the forest becomes denser (since the starting point of the circular Atalanti trail, which goes round Mount Olympus, is not far) the paved path is an ideal option for quiet walks in the nature. Even the ones who don’t feel like testing their strength, will find this path to be amazing, surrounded by the evergreen pine trees and their scents.

At around 1720 meters above sea level, Troodos Square hosts plenty of people regularly, for a quick, daily escape from their routine, for a trip for coffee of lunch, or even a relaxed walk. This paved path, with cozy wooden benches for resting, as well as kiosks and a playground at the main road of the square, completes this relaxing trip perfectly.

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