Troodos Square Trail

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It is one of the most popular destinations for an escape in the mountains. Just a few minutes from Cyprus's highest peak, at around 1720 meters above sea level, Troodos Square may be familiar to many, though it never ceases to surprise.

A short, paved path was created there, as an ideal option for serene strolls among nature. The trail is located between the square and the Environmental Information Center and offers an opportunity to become acquainted with the characteristic flora of the area, within a relaxing atmosphere, with the scents and sounds of the forest.

This trail is ideal even for those who would rather opt for a less strenuous trail, featuring strategically placed benches for people to rest under the pine trees. Near the Environmental Information Center, there are some interesting sculptures, made of trunks carved with a chainsaw, representing species of the local fauna (and more).

Environmental Information Center: 25 420145