Troodos Geopark

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Troodos Geopark is located at the central section of Cyprus, expanding in a land area of around 1370 square kilometers, which counts as the 45% of the entire Troodos Mountains and the 15% of the entire island. It was created in order to showcase the island’s uniqueness, as an excellent part of the ocean crust, which is enlightening for scientific research.

The Geopark includes 110 communities, with a total population of approximately 25000 residents. The area combines a fascinating, local geology with the Troodos natural environment, the long term presence of the human communities, as well as the local customs and rituals of the people.

The Troodos Geopark Visitor Centre is located in the old Asbestos mine (Amiantos mine), in the newly restored elementary school, an example of fine architecture with historic characteristics and features such as a fireplaces in every room. It is an area with enormous historical value which now hosts an extraordinary Botanical Garden with information about the flora of the area, a seed bank of endemic species and also a plethora of evidence for the past mining activity and the community which once flourished there.

At the entrance of the Geopark Visitor Centre the visitors are welcomed by an amazing geological garden consisting of all the rock types encountered in the area, in stratigraphic order, representing the Troodos ophiolite sequence.  An outdoor classroom is operated in the garden of the center, where interactive lessons and demonstrations are delivered to visiting students and the general public. Impressive rocks and minerals, a maquette of the geology of the area, depicting sites of geological importance and interest (faults, mines, geo-trails, etc.), informational panels and a conference room where the visitor can watch documentaries. The Geopark Visitor Center also hosts exhibits of the abandoned Asbestos and Chromite mines, representations of an ancient pyro-metallurgical furnace for the production of copper and a gallery of the last century for the exploitation of sulphate deposits.

The Botanical Garden “A. G. Levendis” is located within the Troodos National Forest Park, on an altitude of 1400 meters, next to the main rod Karvounas – Troodos, within the area of the Asbestos mine. It is part of the International Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BCGI). It is 1 out of 3 botanical gardens established by the Forestry Department. Within the Geopark, there are also 3 nature trails, which tour hikers through the special geological characteristics of the area.

Contact number: +357 22 952 043 / 22 952 004

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