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Troodos camping site

The largest mountainside camping site in Cyprus is located just 1 kilometer from Troodos Square, hidden beneath the rich shade of the green pine forest. It is a large piece of forest land, which hosts organized facilities for camping, and is open for visitors during the summer season.

Heading down from Troodos Square towards Karvounas and Nicosia, you will see the entrance of the camping site on your right, opposite a military camp, at an altitude of 1600 meters. Cars can easily access this area, using the asphalt street which crosses through the site. There are shower and toilet facilities in 2 spots in the camping area, as well as a restaurant at the entrance which is open from early in the morning until night.

On the slopes of this site there are spots suitable for setting up a tent or a trailer home. The capacity of reaches up to 170 tents and / or trailer homes, and 650 guests. The daily fee for a tent is €5, and setting up a trailer home comes with a €200 warranty and a €130 fee per month. The camping site has special spots for lighting a fire and barbecuing.

The site is open during the period 15/6 – 15/9.

Even in the summer, the temperature at night in Troodos may be low, so people visiting need to make sure they have the necessary supplies.

Contact number: 96 823 464

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