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Troodos Botanical Garden

In an area where the Asbestos mine once operated, resulting in rocky, dug up slopes devoid of any greenery, a small slice of heaven on earth was created, largely as a result of humanity’s love for the unique beauty of the Troodos mountain region.  Sat atop an altitude of 1400 meters, this beautiful garden with ponds and waterfalls is the best way for anyone to bond with and embrace nature.

The “A.G. Leventis” Troodos Botanical Garden was constructed to preserve and exhibit the distinctive types of flora found in Troodos, a mountain range which boasts rare botanical treasures. This is because it was once submerged in the depths of the sea, and since its emergence millions of years ago, it still preserves many signs of its initial underwater life. All manner of trees, flowers and herbs grow around an artificial stream, a waterfall and two beautiful ponds with impressive water lilies.

Approximately 500 types of common, rare and endangered plants are now hosted in the garden. Visitors can learn about them and admire them while walking through the spacious paths of the central square, where the scents and aromas of the flowers and herbs mingle intoxicatingly in the air. At the Visitors’ Center, expert guides take visitors through the long history of Troodos, and explain the uniqueness of each of these plants.

There are signs posted at the root of each plant, helping visitors to identify them by name and form.  Shaded areas can be found beneath the indigenous alder, cypress, sycamore and laurel trees and among the green bushes, where visitors can relax and rejuvenate on one of the welcoming wooden benches scattered across the garden. And for those who fancy a view from above, the eastern part of the garden features a kiosk with a telescope that allows visitors to observe in detail the mountain slopes all the way down to the coasts of Amathus and Akrotiri.

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