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Trooditissa picnic site (Platres)

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This is one of the largest and most gorgeous picnic sites one may find in Limassol’s mountains, and Cyprus in general. With a stream crossing through the site, nurturing the huge plane trees shading this place for centuries, the picnic site of Trooditissa is one of the favorite options for those who enjoy trips on the mountains and getting in touch with nature.

The picnic site is located on the road from Platres to Troodos, just before the monastery of the same name (leaving Platres, on the way up to Troodos, there is a sign on your left, right after Psilo Dentro, directing you towards there). At 1300 meters’ altitude, by the breezy stream, with the scents of plane trees and pine trees all around, this place can host approximately 700 guests.


Enormous trunks, stunning rocks, wooden bridges and kiosks consist an idyllic setting, which attracts thousands of people each year, not just during the summer, but during any season. This is one of the 2 picnic sites close to the monastery of Trooditissa, as there is another one, also very beautiful, right after the monastery, as you are getting closer to Prodromos village.

On the highest point of the picnic site, there are areas suitable for lighting a fire to barbecue, as well as fountains with fresh water.


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