Trooditissa Picnic Site (Platres)

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This is one of the largest and most beautiful picnic sites one may find in the mountainous region of Limassol, as well as in Cyprus overall. The stream that passes through the site, nurturing the enormous plane trees that have been providing the area with shade for centuries, creates a delightful image, making the Trooditissa picnic site a magical location that is visited frequently by those who love nature escapes.

The picnic site is located on the Platres-Troodos road, just before the monastery of the same name (as you leave Platres, heading towards Troodos, there is a a sign on the left side of the road just after Psilo Dentro, directing you to the site). At an altitutude of 1300 meters, with a refreshing breeze that fills the air with the aromas of the plane and pine trees, this space can host approximately 700 visitors. 

It is just one of the 2 picnic sites that border the monastery of Trooditissa. The other is just after the monastery, near Prodromos, and it is called 'Kambi tou Kalogirou.'


The majestic tree trunks and the impressive stones covered in moss, the wooden footbridges, the kiosks and the stone-built water fountains, as well as the sound of the babbling stream all help create an atmosphere that is mystical and ultimately alluring. This idyllic scene is one of the main reasons that this space attracts thousands of visitors each year, not only during the summer months, but throughout the year. 

At the highest point of the picnic site, there are areas suitable for lighting a fire for those who wish to have a barbecue, as well as fountains with fresh water direct from the source.