Trimiklini dam (Saittas)

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This long lake, surrounded by pine trees, bushes and the typical flora of Troodos mountains, is a source of life for the nearby areas, as well as a unique natural sight of Limassol’s countryside. This artificial construction at Trimiklini dam, which ends to an artificial waterfall, is Limassol’s special “blue lagoon”.

Up on 600 meters above the sea level, it is located almost as close to Trimiklini as to Saittas and Moniatis. Trimiklini dam holds 340,000 cubic meters of water and it is almost always overflowing, resulting to an impressive view of the buzzing waterfalls, once the water reaches to the dam’s southern end, falling over the artificial scales.

This dam, built on Kourris river, provides water supplies to any planted land in the village, were trees beaing all kinds of fruits are growing. Apart from its important role for the nearby areas this huge lake of unique natural beauty has also become a habitat for several kinds of birds during the summer months.

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