Traditional roast lamb: Easter with a seaview at Limassol's coast!

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The regular setting for a traditional, Easter lamb is usually situated on the mountains. But, when this custom moves towards the seaside, it can be twice as enjoyable. After all, with Limassol’s captivating blues, under the brilliant, springtime sun, intriguing your appetite, how could the rich flavour and scents of the roast lamb not fit?

The grills are ready from early on in the morning, since the successful preparation of such a delicacy takes up to 6 hours to have the best possible result. The charcoals are burning slowly, placed on the side of each one of the 2 sides of the grill, so that the meat is cooked perfectly, as it rotates above the fire. A special mixture of herbs and olive oil, with thyme and oregano, is sprinkled all over the lamb from time to time, to let all the flavour sink in the meat.

Of course, if someone chooses to celebrate the Greek Easter in Limassol without the traditional roast lamb (ovelias), they may find a fully traditional meal all along the city’s coastline, with almost every single hotel and restaurant in this area offering a rich buffet. Thus, with or without lamb, the traditional, Greek Easter, has its own, unique charm in the city.

This ceremonial procedure of roasting lamb, combined with the sea view, the spring breeze and the greens all around, so that this experience is quite special, even before anyone sits on the table.

Photos and video from the traditional roast lamb (ovelias) at Amathus Beach Hotel.

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