'To Katoi' Restaurant: A space with references to the Medieval traditions of Limassol!

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Crossing the narrow alleyways of Omodos, among the traditional homes, one will come across a unique space for dining.

To Katoi carries with it a centuries-old tradition, offering a menu of creative options based on the Greek and Cypriot cuisines. Moussaka bites, orzo risotto with wild mushrooms, as well as homemade sweets, have all become beloved selections for many of its guests. 

The restaurant itself is housed in an old building, with architecture similar to that of the wine press building. The large arches of its dining area, the carved stones on the walls and the old fireplace create a traditional atmosphere.

The cellar of the restaurant is an even more unique room, presumed to have been constructed 500 years ago, and which can host large guests for special occassions.

Address: Linou 25, Omodos
Contact number: 99 674444