To Hanni tis Paramithas

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Paramytha village has always been a passage for those who travelled to and from the city. That is why ‘To Hani tis Paramythas’ was a well-known resting place. Today, To Hani acquires new content, adapted to current trends yet retaining elements of its traditional character and historical role.

It recently operated as a host, but after a short break, it has made its comeback with the aim of becoming a vibrant community of digital nomads. The generation of freelancers, who utilize digital technology in order to work from all over the world, turning remote work into a lifestyle, will finally be able to put Cyprus and Limassol on its map for the first time, thanks to this special project.

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That is why the rooms in Hani are available with long-term rental packages, so that they are suitable for travellers who will choose Limassol as their base for a while. As a place of coexistence, cooperation and exchange of ideas, To Hani is also a space for cultural events, which will bring the residents together with an even larger community of people.

Thus, the residents become members of a modern community, whle drawing inspiration from the historical and picturesque environment of the space.

Address: 1, Smirnis Street, Paramytha
Contact numbers: 96 310384