Timios Stavros chapel (Kyperounda)

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The Timios Stavros chapel is without a doubt one of the most beautiful attractions of Cyprus' largest mountain village, Kyperounda.

It is a small, single-aisled church that has been standing in this same spot since the years of Frankish rule. It is the most ancient chapel of Kyperounda, and it is located just a few steps from the central village square, therefore making it an integral part of a tour through the picturesque alleys of the village. Its characteristic wooden roof, is a prime example of local architecture, and form a particularly idyllic image among the green of the botanical garden. 

This historical church celebrates the Progression of the Holy Cross on 1st August, a date which coincides with the August fasting period prior to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on August 15th.

In contrast to the bright colors of the vegetation growing in the church courtyard, the dimness of the stone-built church's interior creates a particularly mystical aura. Visitors will discover ancient treasures, such as wonderful frescoes on the eastern and western sides of the building, dating back to 1521. Since 1995, the chapel has been operating as an exhibition area for the community's clerical heirlooms, thus forming a small ecclesiastical museum showcasing such items as unique icons of saints and religious ceremonial tools.