Timios Prodromos church (Dymes)

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The church of Timios Prodromos in Dymes villages is situated in the beautiful forest of Pitsilia area, right next to a tidy picnic site. When the first church was built there (in the mid-19th century) it was surrounded by wilderness, but now it is one of the most central spots of the village, as the new church has become a landmark of the area.

The new church of Timios Prodromos was built right next to the old one, during the decade of 1990 – 2000. It is decorated with the characteristic, local stone on the outside, with a dome covered with red tiles and a proud, tall belfry stand out. The church can host up to 300 guests. Its minimal décor lets the balcony on the western side of the church stand out, with red pouches hanging from it, as the local tradition has it.

The old, stone-built church, constructed in 1861 as a simple, rectangular building with walls 60 cm thick, with a triangle, tiled roof on top of it, is not operating. This little and minimal church, with few icons inside (among which one with the figure of Timios Prodromos, dated back in the 18th century) is now being restored by the Antiquities Department.

The church celebrates on January 7th and August 29th, with the people making a round of the church with the icon of Timios Prodromos on their hands. The Monday after Easter is also a time of celebration, with various events taking place in the area.

Information: Dymes Community Council