This is the unknown story behind the amazing picture of the gigantic boat in Limassol

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When Sailing Yacht A arrived in Limassol, everybody heard it, read about it and saw, either live or in a picture on the internet. But few – in fact, just 2 and only at 16 years old – saw from close up, in order to be able to actually touch the gigantic vessel.

Marcos, with his unstoppable sense of adventure and exploration, had scheduled to paddle out in the open Limassol sea, along with a friend of his, on Sunday morning, even before the impressive boat was on the horizon. The sailed on a small kayak, which looked like a match next to the yacht, right on the time that the background had a perfect color from the sunrise, in order to contrast with the cold metal of the vessel.

Marcos did not intend to have his camera with him at first, but the arrival of the largest yacht in the world in Limassol, was something that had to be captured. Face the boat from on a full frontal, he shot the awe-inspiring picture that went viral right away, being a most unique picture of the Sailing Yacht A, since no other camera could get that close. The 2 friends paddled towards the vessel, the touched its body, they explored it from really close. They watched the sun rising in the sky, right next to this grand boat. Their adventure was successful and complete and the prize was an amazing photo.

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When most kids their age were sleeping, after going out on Saturday night, or craving for the sleep they miss on school-day mornings, the 2 friends were experiencing something unique, creating memories for themselves and the entire Limassol. 

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