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With a view to the west and the representation of the medieval town and the - so called today - Old Port in the center, Limassol was first represented in a picture in 1900. Taken from a time when the city was more similar to a village, far from today’s cosmopolitan image, the picture is a proof of the massive change that was brought by the rapid development of the region.

In the year 1900 the painter Michael Koufos, from Kalymnos, presents this first painting of the city on canvas, in which one can see the unexploited back then property at the seafront of the city and the few buildings in the port area. Michael Koufos founded in Limassol in the late 19th century the first School of Art in Cyprus and in 1897 he organized the first exhibition with paintings by the students of the School.

Today, this image has changed dramatically. Some of the most active, popular and densely populated areas of the city were, up to a century ago, merely farmlands. Even the traffic in the port itself was limited, since it had an auxiliary role to that of the main port of the island in Famagusta. This representation exists to underline that the Limassol seafront has always irritated the artistic senses, but also to point out that within 100 years, the city made some huge steps forward.

The painting is now kept at the Pattichion Municipal Museum in Limassol. 

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