This commandaria is sold for up to €3000 per bottle!

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Right next to the river bank that turns Kato Platres village into a greenest place, there is a winery that manufactures a €3000 worth commandaria. It is a product that has been much loved in China, to the point that some people are willing to spend a small fortune to taste it.

It is the Lambouri Commandaria Legacy Diamond Edition, which, apart from exquisite taste and premium quality, it also comes with a special image, too. The wine is packed in an elegant, black bottle, with a gold-coated mark, which refers to the crusades era, when the knights were getting enthusiastic about this sweet, Cyprus wine. The bottle resembles to the shape of the pumpkin, traditionally used to carry wine. Of course, the package of this special commandaria has been embellished with small diamonds to represent the prizes awarded to the wine.

This kind of commandaria was first exported to China by the businessman Dai Lingyun, who distinguished it among others, as the one that still follows the traditional manufacturing recipe, with black and xynisteri, the local vine varieties. Extremely pricy, nevertheless, Commandaria Legacy has been a top choice for consumers in China, especially for celebrities. The wine has received more than 8 awards in Europe, Asia and the USA, with a notable presence in exhibitions and shows.  The regular edition of this commandaria, which matures in oak barrels for 9 years, is also sold in quite an affordable price.

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