Theodosiou warehouses: Amazing pictures from the historical course of a Limassol landmark!

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Until the mid – 20th century, Limassol was still a city much smaller than what we know it to be today. Back then, the areas east of the Municipal Garden were outside the urban landscape, so one could easily find large industrial and commercial units there, even right next to the sea. The complex of Theodosiou Warehouses (approximately 500 meters east of the Enaerios dock) was an organic part of the area.

Just a few meters from the piece of land were the ETKO factory was located, the warehouses were a landmark for Limassol for a number of decades, hosting a wide range of products and supplies. Just like the TRAKASOL warehouses on the other end of the city (with which they shared similar size and shape), Theodosiou Warehouses were a sign of the intense development in Limassol, before the economy would spread to the tourism and hospitality industry.

In the beginning of the 1980s, with Limassol rapidly turning towards tourism (after the loss of the industry in Famagusta after the war), the warehouses went into a compulsory purchase process. This course was finalized in 1995, when the warehouses were demolished, amidst rather turbulent reactions, as many people opposed this decision.

Today, the seaside café-bar Thalassokoritso operates there, and is a popular destination for those who choose to swim at that beach in the summer months (and beyond).

Now, Thalassokoritso seaside café - bar is operating there, being a popular destination for those who want to go for a swim in the summer (or winter).

Photos: Limassol Historical Archives, Lemesou Mnimes, Andreas Christoforou

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