The wild beauty of the winter sea in Amathounta!

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Winter in Limassol is generally quite mild, but there can be days when blustery storms and tempestuous waves churn against the city’s coastline, and these days can be just as enchantingly special as those days of calm waters and tranquility.

On thundery days, the sea gusts and rages incessantly, with the rough, choppy waves crashing against the very spot you once took your morning walk. However, there is a whole other kind of wild beauty in witnessing the dance of the stormy sea, and this alone offers a unique kind of magic.

In the Agios Tychonas area, on the coast of the Amathus archaeological site, there is little distance between the seafront pedestrian walkway and the point at which the waves reach the shore. On fine weather days, the sea stretches out like a calm oasis as far as the eye can see. If you happen to be there during a storm, however, the sheer pulsating power of the crashing waves is sure to fill you with a breathtaking sense of utter reverence.