The underwear from Sex and the City find their place in Limassol!

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A different store officially opens its doors in Limassol on March 16th, presenting an alternative approach to shopping. Choosing the idyllic Irenes Street in the old town, L 'Atelier Kontor 202 is a family business that brings in the store all those products which are elements of the lifestyle chosen by the women of the family. This is why, after all, they always welcome you with coffee.

Thus, upon entering, the world of organic skincare products opens up before you, all from companies that until now could only be found abroad, as well as smart everyday gadgets or decorations that offer little moments of pleasure in the day. Ivanka, of German roots, has been a permanent resident in Limassol for almost 30 years and, along with her mother, she envisioned a shop that promotes a natural way of life, along with the unique design and style, as well as products that will offer unique experiences.

Thus, in the shop one finds from vegan nail polish and the organic brand "Stop the water while using me", to mild baby soaps, shaving kits for men, unique in design flat bottles, ideal for women handbags, the infinity roses that can decorate your room up to 2 years long without fainting and, of course, the seductive underwear made known through the series of Sex and the City.

At the opening of March 16th, the store will be open from 10 in the morning until late in the afternoon, offering gifts from the stock, coffee and drinks, delicacies and appropriate music for a beautiful shopping experience.

Contact number: 99 888 357

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