The triple-colored sandwiches will satisfy both your eyes and stomach!

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When you are about to decide which snack will cut down your hunger in the day — either morning, noon or evening  — you are judging by the content. In the case of these colorful sandwiches, though, their own appearance is a criterion for choosing them (especially since their content is just as rich and tasty for any color).

After all, apart from the content that feeds the stomach, the appearance feeds the eyes, too, while they are certainly a mood fixer, with the variety of colors they provide for a daily snack. as for the result, apart from a unique flavor, each colors also offers a different delight and benefit, since the green smells of basil and pesto, the red has the sweetness of the beet juice that gives this color and the black one has active charcoal, which is detoxing and helps with digestion.

All fresh, with homemade care, just a few hours before you eat them, the triple-colored sandwiches are found daily at The Hub Café, at Makarios Avenue. You can choose to eat them there or take them with you, warm or cold, assorted with chips to make you meal even more fulfilling.  

Find out more information about The Hub Café here.

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