The triangular little house hidden in the forest of the Limassol mountains!

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Dierona is a mountainous village east of Limassol, located among citrus orchards and pine-covered expanses. Within this idyllic environment, one will come across something quite unusual: a Lilliputian wooden house.  

This strange little triangular house, which resembles a miniature Swiss chalet, is located in a clearing near the chapel of Prophet Elias, northwest of the village. It is surrounded by wild vegetation and pine trees, which visitors can reach by following the dirt path.

Though simple, the house has its own unique beauty. Its interior is divided into 3 sections, with 2 small attic spaces above the ground floor. The circular skylights on the front and back sides offer views of the forest, and also add a decorative touch. It may not be inhabited often, but many would surely wish for such a mountain retreat.

To locate this little house, follow the signs from the center of the village towards the chapel of Prophet Elias.