The Tree Tunnel – Fasouri

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As you pass by My Mall and proceed towards Kolossi, Episkopi or Curium ... slow down a bit and enjoy the beautiful way through the Tree Tunnel.

The beauty and the tranquility of the area are beyond any imagination. Even more beautiful is the small story which comes along with these big trees which during summer they cool the area of the Fasouri plantation. The story is told in the book-autobiography «Lemons from Paradise», by Elsie Slonim, the wife of David Slonim, the pioneer Jewish agronomist who lived in Cyprus from 1932 to 2007.

During a stop in Cyprus on his way to Italy by ship, the young agronomist saw a large swamp (on the south coast of the island), and thought that he could create a citrus plantation. He bought the swamp from a British family and in few years, through hard and long daily work, he turned the swamp into one of the largest citrus producers across the Middle East, the Fasouri plantation.

He wanted to transform the marshy area into a paradise so thousands of cypresses were planned as well as eucalyptus. Both are hydrophilic trees and help the drainage of the marshes of the area.

The Tree Tunnel in Fasouri was once a very common passage for older Limassolians since there was not any other route for any of the excursion trips towards the south areas.

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