The street that zig-zags, through the history of the city!

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Most streets in the center of Limassol are full of history and liveliness. Changing its character from era to era, this street never ceased to be a meeting point of people and cultures.

The Zig Zag street's name indicates its exact shape, resulting from the encounter of 3 smaller streets, 2 vertical and 1 horizontal. Between the medieval castle square and the church of Ayia Napa, it hosts tables that welcome you throught the day, with all kinds of drinks and nibbles.

The bars, cafes, restaurants and music venues operating in the area are an ideal destination for hundreds of people, often forming a thick crowd, especially on weekends.

Thus, this road seems to allow us to zig-zag through the different historical phases of the city, enjoying one of the most relaxing spots of its center.