The street that makes... zigzags through the city΄s history

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Most streets in the center of Limassol are full of history and liveliness. Changing its character from era to era, this street never ceased to be a meeting point of people and cultures. Unlike other city streets, this one was not named by any persona, any benefactor or nay other location. The Zig Zag street's name indicates its exact shape, resulting from the encounter of 3 smaller streets, 2 vertical and 1 horizontal.

Between the medieval castle square and the church of Ayia Napa, the Zig Zag street now hosts in a pedestrian zone several tables to welcome you at all times, with all kinds of drinks and nibbles. From early in the day, until the hours after midnight, bars, cafes, restaurants and music venues operating in the area are a destination for hundreds of people, often forming a thick crowd in the area, especially on weekends.

Combining entertainment with history and tradition, the street offers a view to the Kepir Mosque (Grand Mosque), built by Ibrahim Aga Koprulu on 1825, next to an ancient cemetery. The uppermost layer, the one of the mosque, is built over the ruins of a medieval (Lusignan) church, which in turn was also built on top of a Byzantine church. Passing through the Zig Zag street one can see these historical layers at the oldest, southwestern part of the mosque.

So, this road seems to allow us to "zigzag" through the different historical phases of the city, enjoying one of the most relaxing parts of its center.

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